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A/C Tune-up Program

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Small Changes Add Up to Big Savings

Your A/C or Heat Pump system may just need a little tune-up. Make your system more efficient, improve the comfort of your home and save big on energy costs. CPS Energy makes it easy with rebates on system repairs and energy saving upgrades.  

What is the A/C Tune-up Program?

Many residential heating and cooling systems perform below their rated efficiency. The A/C Tune-Up Program helps your system gets back to optimal performance.

A Participating CheckMe!TM certified contractor will visit your home to test your A/C system. Based on the diagnostic checkup, your contractor will recommend necessary services or upgrades to improve the efficiency of your system, and let you know which CPS Energy rebates are available. You’ll receive an instant rebate on the contractor’s invoice. 

Services and upgrades available:

Air Conditioning/Heat Pump Tune-Up - $75 rebate for refrigerant Charge Adjustment
Adjusting your refrigerant to optimal levels improving both performance and efficiency.
Coil Cleaning - $50 Indoor Coil Cleaning rebate OR $25 Outdoor Coil Cleaning rebate
Cleaning dirty coils makes your system more efficient, improving airflow and heat transfer.
BPM Indoor Fan Motor - $300 Installation rebate
Brushless permanent magnets reduce energy use compared to standard motors. 
Harrell Heat Pump ControlTM - $75 Installation rebate OR $25 Temperature Adjustment rebate
HHPC only uses electric resistance backup heating when you really need it. 

Services are provided by trained, Certified CheckMe!® Contractors

To qualify for the rebate, all HVAC equipment must be inspected and serviced by an HVAC contractor licensed in the State of Texas and HVAC contractor must be listed on the approved CheckMe!® contractor list. Click on the link below to view the list.

Certified CheckMe! Contractor List