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School2Home Program - Parent FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SaveNow School2Home Energy Efficiency Program?

The SaveNow School2Home Energy Efficiency Program was developed to teach students easy ways to use energy more efficiently in their homes. Program content is easily integrated into the existing class curriculum.

Is there a cost to participate in the program?

There is no cost to you, your child’s teacher, or your school district to participate in the School2Home Energy Efficiency Program. Resource Action Programs® develops and implements the program on behalf of CPS Energy.

What is included in the program?

The program comes complete with a teacher book filled with lesson plans and engaging activities that can be used inside and outside of the classroom. Each teacher and student will receive an individual Student Guide, Student Workbook, and a School2Home Energy Efficiency Kit. The kit includes energy efficient products that will help students implement classroom lessons at home. Classroom items include:

  • Three 9-watt LED Light Bulbs
  • High Efficiency Showerhead
  • Kitchen Faucet Aerator
  • Bathroom Faucet Aerator
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Flow Rate Test Bag
  • Much More!

Why should my family participate in the program?

Everyone can learn to use energy more efficiently at home. When you discover ways your family can improve, you will maximize your savings while minimizing your environmental impact.

What does my family need to do?

Participation requirements are minimal. Your child will receive a School2Home Energy Efficiency Kit, which includes products that use the latest efficiency technologies. You and your child should install the products together and complete the homework assignments. The Student Workbook explains what to do. When your child returns the completed workbook, he or she will receive a wristband and a CPS Energy Certificate of Achievement!

How do I install the products provided in the School2Home Energy Efficiency Kit?

To learn how to install the products in the School2Home Energy Efficiency Kit, see the illustrated installation instructions included in your kit, or see our installation instructions. .

Can I get another School2Home Energy Efficiency Kit?

We apologize, but only one kit is available to each student.

How is the information in the Student Survey used?

The information provided by your student is used to measure the knowledge gained by program participants, gauge the effectiveness of the program activities, gather demographic data, and estimate overall energy savings that is reported to the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). The information requested in the surveys in no way connects us with your private CPS Energy account information and CANNOT be used for any other purposes than those described above.

What other money-saving opportunities does CPS Energy offer?

CPS Energy offers a variety of energy efficiency programs to help you save energy and money within your home. Click here to learn more.

What do I do if an LED light bulb breaks?

Dispose of an LED light bulb the same way you would dispose of broken glass. LED light bulbs do not contain hazardous materials. However, 95% of an LED light bulb is recyclable, so recycling your LED light bulbs is the best way to dispose of them. Simply call your local government or waste management company to learn the recycling policy in your area.