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Ten Ways to Stay Cozy – and Save Energy – this Winter

Portrait of beautiful woman reading book by fireplace.jpegAs the leaves start to fall, get your home ready for the changing season with these ten simple things you can do that will make a significant impact on your energy usage – and keep you cozy all winter.

  1. Feel a draft? Sealing air leaks and improving or replacing insulation can make a huge difference when it comes to your comfort. Better yet, it’s extremely cost-effective. 

  2. Weather-stripping around doors and windows can prevent cold air leaking into your home. Not only is weather-stripping low-cost, it's extremely easy to install. Simply select the thickness you desire, unroll it and stick around doors and windows like tape.

  3. To keep drafts from your exterior doors at bay, use under-the-door guards. Have a lip to get over when the door is closed – or is carpet in the way? No problem. Simply use a towel to block the bottom of the doors during periods of low traffic (like overnight).

  4. Still chilly near your windows? Try window insulation film – effective, easy-to-install and affordable. 

  5. Consider flushing your water heater. As sediment builds at the bottom of your water heater over time, it can affect your water heater’s performance. By flushing the water through the drain valve, sediment is cleared and your water heater should run more efficiently and last longer. 

  6. Replace air filters within your central air and heating systems. Filters keep particulates from entering your home, but they can become dirty over time and make the system inefficient. 

  7. Invest in a smart thermostat and use it. In fact, we’re offering a great deal on smart thermostats, just in time for Black Friday.

  8. Though chimneys are rare in South Texas, if you have one, use a chimney balloon to keep drafts from sneaking in. But be cautious – chimney balloons should only be used in inactive chimneys, so if you're planning to cozy up to a warm fire use our other tips instead.

  9. Reverse your ceiling fans. By reversing your fan’s direction from summer operation mode, the fan will now push warm air downward – forcing it to recirculate and keep you more comfortable. To ensure you have it set at the “winter mode” direction, the fan blades should be turning clockwise when you look up at your fan. 

  10. Cover outdoor pipes if a freeze warning occurs. Although freeze warnings are rare in South Texas, if it does occur, wrapping your pipes can prevent pipes from bursting due to freezing water – an expensive repair.

Looking for other ways to save energy? Interested in making improvements that could earn you a rebate? Check out the projects that qualify with our residential rebates program. 

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